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22 Jan



– 1997 –

20 Jan



The year was 1997.
And I was a 15 year old runaway teenage rebel.///

It was the year of the Tamagotchi, and when Lime magazine was every living source of pop culture for girls who didnt had internet back then and also for boys like me who would call off soccer with frens on saturday afternoons just to stay glued to the tv for VIDZ’s ANNABELLE FRANCIS..
Those were the days i tell you…

On weekdays,
If i wasnt hanging ard old Ang Mo Kio Interchange and AMK central after school with fellow schoolmates, i wld be back home n off to the arcades like Paco Funworld, Funland or Timezone accompanying frens, or waste money on MADAM ROJaIE CRYSTAL BALL fortune teller machine, or wasting my time exploring kool places in orchard road with frens …
Back in 1995-97, Far East Plaza and Good ol’ Pacific Plaza was a haven for kids like me… Those places carried our Grunge and surf shops,- which was rad back then… I remembered those bus trips to Far east, singing Nirvana songs or talking about the hot new sensation that time – Natalie Imbruglia.. Now Far east has become a place of crap. Capitalised by (new-age) funkies who think they’re (grunge) junkies.
Cyber-japan fashion and hip hop bling bling has taken control of far east plaza now, instead of the good old days of alternative rock, surf, grunge and punk that circulated ard far east plaza back in the 90’s… And who can forget, way before borders, there was Tower books, ever since the big Tower Records and Tower Books at Pacific Plaza closed shop ard 2000, things went dead for one of the music fans’ fav haunts after that…
And even the old National Library at stamford rd was a stomping ground… If i knew these places werent going to last, i would have taken tons of photos for memory’s keepsake…

I remember finding a side of me i never knew had existed back in 97. Playing truant, Coming to school after flag-raising ceremony (dont you all remember that shit?) and sneaking from counsellors and prefects, getting detention mostly every day, or crawling thru that self-made lobang i and sum outcasts carved out in the fencing just behind school….
I totally did things differently and had a perception of things that didnt really stick with a lotta ppl, for e.g. , i sang Manic Street Preachers ‘Design For Life’ in my heart during Majulah Singapura……
Leading quite a carefree sec.3 life, I already knew my life was goin nowhere.
In academics, i was failing math and physics wasnt really like the show, – Weird Science.
How i missed Litreature, which i admitly exceled in secondary 1 and 2.
In sports, i had to excel. Everybody from my dad to the neighbourhood kids i played soccer with expected me to be in the school soccer team…

Well, i did, only to threw it all away a few years later when i found my calling in music and the electric guitar….

To Miss Oehlers

6 Jan

My english teacher back in 1998 happened to be The singer of local band Lizards Convention. Of cos i didnt realize it… Until probabli abt 8 years later…. What a dumbass i’ve been. I knew i;ve seen her sumwer but for two years she was my english teacher, we talked so much and grew close but heck, i didnt know she was in an indie band all those years….!!!!

Lizard convention video on youtube:

lizard convention song:


Work, Consume and Die.

5 Jan

Study your ass out in school, grow up, get a job, Work, earn money, get married – with three kids and a wife, get a Flat, pay bills and mortgage, consume, get old, see your grandkids laugh at your dentures, wither and die.
What a way to live your life.

Except that when ur living in Singapore, that would mean a fast-foward version of the words above…. Work-Consume-Die.
Fast-paced Singapura style.
When nothing is for free and where people work thier ass off in zombie jobs just so that they can spend on things they dont really need in the end…….

Man, if only singapore had the welfare system for the jobless or The Dole, ppl like me wouldnt give a hoot abt getting a job. In Western countires, you can even rent a house and live till ur old on welfare money… And im having the feeling that ppl who live on the dole at the other side of the world may be Poorer financially, but Richer in thier experiences in Life.
So let’s pack our bags now, Go to Canada, where the land is fresh Not Humid and where relatives dont ask when ur getting married in family gatherings…

So how many kids are u intend of having?

5-room executive flat? 3-room resale?
A Lexus Car?

And oh, have you sign up for that credit-card lately?
Yes, that plastic thingy that’ll make you work like hell to cover your debts for a long long time to come.

And remember, if you’re 35 and SINGLE and living on your own, you’re an outcast!!!

Are you having a time of your life?
Or has life and it’s norms taken control of you?


This isnt Your Regular Blog

2 Jan

yeap. i try not to really make this as those corny online-journals with day-by-day events kinda thing and what i ate today and what i drank yesterday kinda blog. Who i hung out with yesterday or what movie i saw with my frens the other day…
Man, that shit’s friggen lame/

– No one wants to know what you had for lunch today…

– No one really cares if you wore boxers or panties yesterday…

– And No one wants to see 20 pictures of your lovely pet terrapin posted up for all to see….

This blog will hopefully be an mini-extension to my zine – as requested by you ppl and as recommended by fellow zinesters… A social commentary with a touch of working-class humour and jack-ass wackiness all sewn in together….
But in saying so, nothing will ever beat the Real Deal!

But of cos it wont be all just about the scene, D.I.Y culture, Punk politics and the usual outright stuff i brought forward previously in my fanzines.
Im trying to infuse sumthing in here. Maybe this blog will be a place for my zine’s online archives/backup. Or maybe sumthing different and tamer. We’ll see.
But one thing will stay the same.

The Humour.