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The Biggest Tree i’ve ever seen!

22 Apr


This must be Biggest HUGE-est Tree i’ve seen if not the Biggest in Singapore!
It was like 20 storeys high at least ! Awesome  !

Isnt Nature's creations Wonderful ?!

Awesomely BIG TREE


I got STOKED from a mile away seeing the tree…

The tree was so HUGE that even the cam couldnt take a FULL SHOT – so we had to take half of the tree to fit in the camera.

Look at just how small i am….

Me(circled) against the big tree....

Me(circled) against the big tree...and it's just HALF of it.


awe-some..... Nature's creations are just wonderful...


Have you bought an ipok, yet?

14 Apr




So, have you got one yet…?
Yeah, the thing called the ipod…./

i always wanted to write a piece abt the ipod.
Ipod is sooo everywhere nowadays. It comes out of ppl’s mouths when they wana talk over lunch, and its the first thing we wana splurge on at the next bastardized IT Fair….
Dont get me wrong – im not dissing ipod nor all mp3 players, (i have a mp3 player myself), but it’s becoming alarmingly stupid  in recent times… that even a kid stting opposite of me in the MRT today asked for an ipod from his mom if he passed his Primary 6 leaving exams (P.S.L.E).

If you die-die must have mp3 player, get a less famous one instead, like LeMon. Or at least a Creative. (support local-made!).
And for one, try to beat the trend… just becos all your peers has an ipod doesnt mean you gotta have one too. Its like supporting Man U, – just because they’re the biggest and known football team in the world. We should all be an individual by being different, so do try something than that sleek ipod when ur shopping for a player next time.

I have frens who r rite down gila abt the ipok and also to those who are resisting the ‘ipod temptation’. These ppl, who instead of succumbing to the trends of society are still supporting media like CDs, cassetes and vinyls. Not surprisingly that these category of ppl comes from the underground scene, punk circles and the artistic armada…
i know it’s a bit irrelevant in this modern age to still be supporting media like Tapes and CDs, but we should all try to slow down technology by a bit, before technology take control of our lives and make you run for them instead… (what a rhyme)  and like what my fren used to say…. MP3’s and online music can never have the personal touch that the CD or a tape equipped with sleeves  brings… modern advancement is emminent i know and i’m sure the ipod will continue to be a mainstay not only as a convenient gadget but the most popular too among other MP3 players as well…

Resist the Ipod Temptation.
Refuse the trends of society…
But of course, everyone has thier opinions….
(opinions are like assholes, everyone has em‘)

” So, Have You Bought An Ipok Yet? “

(This goes out to those that i know e.g like terence, aziamey, jason lee, and shaiful xerox who still log around a CD walkman or casssete tape player in thier bags, minghui and satish for being  CD mix-tapes makers…. and to the hardcore-punk kids (you know who you are) who still support tapes and vinyls….)

Oh no, not another Social Networking site!

12 Apr

Eversince all the ppl ard me, and i mean all around, up, below and everywhere have been talking so much about the hot-new thing called facebook, like excessive hyper peanut butter stuck in between your teeth, i’ve been deciding in my sleep and during making coffee time wheather to commit myself to another social marketing, eh- networking site.

Farcebok is now the new friendster + myspace + multiply + bebo + blogger + bodoh.  But with so-and-so, i all-soh have been hearing that facebook is one of those open-source and community sites, so i was willing to give it a go. Cos sfter all, Open-source = Cyber punk. Powder to the people, tui boh?

Plus i all-soh want to see all the hoo-has and all the noisy throw beer-bottle commotion behind Farcebook anyway…. So i re-signed with facebook abt a months ago, after initially deleting my acct.
So far i arleady have a whole bunchload of sites that includes friendster, myspace, matiplai, devianart, flickr, flixster,  youtube blah blah until really now i buay-tahan already… So many how to keep up like that?

How many hours now must i spent staring at the monitor instead of cleaning the ‘makeshift warehouse‘ under my bed?

How many passwords must i remember?

Sign Up!, Log In, Blog this, Post that, JOINNNN !!!
DAMN how i missed the simple good old days of snake mail.



“If they make shopping malls, ppl will def come!!!!”
-William Farquhar-