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The Noose Vrs The News

29 Jul

The NEWS….
Other than Nina Verghas, i find it a crappy propaganda machine filled with media-control tactics and sensorshit restrictions.

Other than Gurmit (gawd, he’s everywhere nowadays), it’s one reason i tune in to the Cube called the Tube…

The Noose rawks and its def one of the best thing or things, to come out of the channel 5 (and the TV) after a bloody long time. More productions should be like dat, i think. Being bold and taking digs at parliament, policies and beyond. Albiet tamer compared to western talkshows and spoof comedies, The Noose is a start nontheless. Something’s telling me that the guys behind the production may have had or stole influences from the wondrous Weird Al’ Yankovic… Good cause, still. And if u ppl can remember, The RARA show and GURMIT’s WORLD were the local driving force that started it all. Poking fun at social and political issues in Singapore…

Well, whatever it is, i hope there’ll be a 2nd season for the news,… i mean,… The Noose….

Only bad thing about this is, Mediacorp is owned by SPH Holdings. And SPH’s big daddy happens to be the media-controlling P.A.P (the wonderful and excellente’ governing party!!!).