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Lio Comics

25 Sep

Im in awe of this comic-strip lately. LIO by Mark Tatulli is a cool, wicked cartoon done with a quirky taste, and i found out abt it recently while filpping in the comic section of the local weekend newspaper SUNDAY PLUS.

Now, i look anticipately for Lio’s comics every sunday to provide sum wicked laughs.
Tim Burton would recommend this.///
Just imagine Dennis The Menace. But with a bizarre twist.

“Reminiscent of Charles Addams’ strange universe is Lio and his dark and humorous cartoons. Creator Mark Tatulli (Heart of the City) has recently sealed a deal for a live-action feature movie based on Lio.
This comic is dark, features no dialogue-only pictures and follows the “darkly detailed world of young Lio and his bizarre creature co-stars.”
(bermuda times)


Finally they used thier BLain… (//;adj:~Brain)

1 Sep

With the introduction of all new free-to-air OKTO channel this coming october, viewers will finally see another channel reign free. That’s right, local Tamil Channel, Vansantham is finally a full-fleged channel. This probably isnt big news if you’re a typical Chinese or Malay but for years, i used to find it outrageous that Vansantham, Kids Central and Arts Central. plus ads and commercials in both English and Tamil were all rolled into one channel.

Insane. i cant see why MEDIACORP cant extend it to probably 2 channels from CENTRAL when there’s actually two free-to-air mandarin speaking channels on TV.I dont friggen care abt the demographics or whose population is the largest here, but having a Tamil channel on its own should be fair in this “democratic” country so to speak. Alarmingly, it took years for MEDIACORP to finally realize that…///

I used to love Channel i. And i still prefered Chanel i over Chn 5. Channel i, though demised, was like an opposition party who wanted something different on TV. And it shows. I remembered taping better alternative programmes, cult and b-movies, and the station featured actors who were from artisitc stage/thearthe backgrounds, i.e. namely, Cynthia Lee Macquarie, Karen Tan, Adrian Pang and on and on.So when they scrapped Channel i, and left Channel U on, thousands of ppl like me were left for dead.

Well, i just hope OKTO becomes more open-minded and decide to showcase more artistic films than the blockbuster crap on channel 5 and hopefully feature cult/indie films and “liberal” programmes like Goodness Gracious Me, Everybody hates Chris, American Dad and to documentaries by Miachel Moore. But then again, anything is better than stoopid animes and manga….
-Thx for reading this piece, everyone!