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Overthrowing the Normal Culture of Agriculture

30 Apr

Food is a ‘language’ spoken in every culture. And i think it’s an important cultural revolution if chemical toxins and environmental harm are radically reduced, if not eliminated from the food that we eat.
And that’s organic food.
SUPERBly expensive, hard to find but really goody good for you…
Organic is not necessarily the most efficient farming system in the short run.
It is slower, harder, more complex and more labor-intensive. But for the sake of culture everywhere, from permaculture to human culture, organic should be celebrated at every table.

Im still learning about organic food and clothing, and all this despite me hating greens and veggies.
Well not all veggies. For one, potatoes and onions are my fav. veggies. Duh?
And peppers, cucmbers, carrots are some of the vegetables i touch too… Well, the fact is, i rarely take leafy vegetables. Well unless im in  a guest’s home or if i havent eaten for Years…
And yes, tofu is still the best there is too.
I tasted organic beancurd once, and it tasted like paper… but well….at least its healthier though…

One things for sure, i think organic farming is form of rebellion. And organic food enthusiasts are actually passive activists in disguise who really want to take care of thier body and also the earth.
So try organic. Its not as big as going vegan, putting off red meat or living in green energy but  its still a worthwhile commitment nontheless. And its a great start too…



5 Apr

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everyone loves a good BBQ-grill innit….?






EVERYONE loves BBQ.  Even firemen.
No matter if there’s a burning house behind…

house on fire. corndogs on fire.

house on fire. corndogs on fire.