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Grazed Anatomy

27 Apr


And so, your team is trailing 2-1 in the sunday football league, and you happen to get the ball at your feet in the last few minutes of the game.
You dribbled past one. WOW.
And then u take off past two more. Double WOW.
Syko Mizan was running on the right alongside providing support. Naaaah.
I was on Gung-Ho.
And i was snaking nearer n nearer to goal – due to obvious good luck no doubt.

I can do this.
Just one more n the buncit telletubby keeper…
The team deserves a draw. And. we had to.

I prepared to strike.
Easey peasey this…
But wait, what’s this? A foot stuck out of nowhere suddenly>
Free fall came next.
Yes i can almost see it now.


I landed on my ‘merchandise’.
On a great looking sandy patch>
It was course.
And we lost.


I got owned by ‘Sandy


Getting Owned by Sandy...

Getting Owned by Sandy...