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hey doc…

27 Jun

Doctors may say that they are working to make you better. but then they can only make money if they make sure that you stay ill.
so think back, why would they want to make you healthy.

It seems tht if they get rid of illness, they get rid of doctors. and the way to keep the public money rolling in is, quite simply making sick people come back to clinics and hospitals…

First of all in the name of biological research, they will invent the cure for a disease. Then they invent the disease itself and let it loose to go its merry way killing thousands of ppl. Of cos they need millions to try to find a cure even though they know what the cure is…
Thier next step all depends on how much damage the disease is causing but that is of only secondary importance, more vital is how much money they are bringing in.

Dont be surprised when i tell u aids is man made and dont forget swine flu was a biological weapon. Governments has to find a way to decrease populations somehow/

At some stage, they announce that they found the cure. everyone gets very excited but then they say they were wrong and that actually they need further millions of pounds a month to find the real cure.

The money keeps rolling in sand after a few more years, they release a new disease and the whole process is set into motion again. they push it into the main spotlight and quietly cure the first disease. this solves the problem of why there are so many diseases ard at any one time. these big corporations of doctors make billions every month by using innocent victims as prey to thier super plot.

I remembered my clinical trials i did with pfizer, a pharmaceutical giant 4 years back. . I knew i was just a lab rat for them to test thier drugs on, but i needed the money. The place was well stocked, equipped and the nurses seems to be paid well to do thier job. Unlike other participants, i didnt come back for future trials. I may sold out once, but i still have my beliefs and dignity.
Word of advice is if u really want the easiest and shortest way to get a good sum of money, u can try clinical trials. But try those short stint ones . The longer and more hectic stints pay more. But who really wants to do it? I know i wont.