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Chewriffic Coleslaw

26 Jun


i dislike veggies.
no, i dont hate em.
i just think they dont suit my fancyful quirky tastebuds.

Today me and QQ were at a park after work, we had packed fast food brown bag dinner at a bench. Our meals came with a side of coleslaw (bad!) and she, knowing i dont eat veggies and its sorry ass cousin, The Coleslaw, cheekily pushed and challenged me to eat a spoonful.
There wasnt any let up. And after constant playful pressing, she finally she did it.
She made me eat coleslaw. /// How the hell did i let that ‘soft skin’ hand of hers feed my mouth? Such is Life.

Thankfully it was just a spoonful. Yes, i did not die.
And the reward is that she made herself sit on my lap. WAH-WAH-WEE-WEE.

Wonder what will happen if i eat one tub of coleslaw for her.