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Every man woman dog cat hates ironing. Do you love ironing ?

27 Mar


As most men dont do ironing, (cos we are a bunch of lazy wankers),
Most women find the remaining men who do ironing reallllyyyyyyy sexxxxyyyyyy

Meanwhile……, most men find women who can poledance
while ironing at the same time, Super-Sexy……


Grazed Anatomy

27 Apr


And so, your team is trailing 2-1 in the sunday football league, and you happen to get the ball at your feet in the last few minutes of the game.
You dribbled past one. WOW.
And then u take off past two more. Double WOW.
Syko Mizan was running on the right alongside providing support. Naaaah.
I was on Gung-Ho.
And i was snaking nearer n nearer to goal – due to obvious good luck no doubt.

I can do this.
Just one more n the buncit telletubby keeper…
The team deserves a draw. And. we had to.

I prepared to strike.
Easey peasey this…
But wait, what’s this? A foot stuck out of nowhere suddenly>
Free fall came next.
Yes i can almost see it now.


I landed on my ‘merchandise’.
On a great looking sandy patch>
It was course.
And we lost.


I got owned by ‘Sandy


Getting Owned by Sandy...

Getting Owned by Sandy...


5 Apr

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


everyone loves a good BBQ-grill innit….?






EVERYONE loves BBQ.  Even firemen.
No matter if there’s a burning house behind…

house on fire. corndogs on fire.

house on fire. corndogs on fire.

Life’s a blend

19 Oct


You guys have just got to see this!

Makes me wana get a Blendtec Blender too…. And put Taupig Batisah and Felicia Chin’s lousy acting and blend them together into smithereens…


Will it blend? – iphone 3G

Let’s see what’ll happens when you put an iphone in a blender. Great for anti-iphone ppl!)

Also, there’s another crazy one regarding Weezer and one of thier newest songs, “Pork and Beans”.
View it at the video widget in my sidebar…/

The Noose Vrs The News

29 Jul

The NEWS….
Other than Nina Verghas, i find it a crappy propaganda machine filled with media-control tactics and sensorshit restrictions.

Other than Gurmit (gawd, he’s everywhere nowadays), it’s one reason i tune in to the Cube called the Tube…

The Noose rawks and its def one of the best thing or things, to come out of the channel 5 (and the TV) after a bloody long time. More productions should be like dat, i think. Being bold and taking digs at parliament, policies and beyond. Albiet tamer compared to western talkshows and spoof comedies, The Noose is a start nontheless. Something’s telling me that the guys behind the production may have had or stole influences from the wondrous Weird Al’ Yankovic… Good cause, still. And if u ppl can remember, The RARA show and GURMIT’s WORLD were the local driving force that started it all. Poking fun at social and political issues in Singapore…

Well, whatever it is, i hope there’ll be a 2nd season for the news,… i mean,… The Noose….

Only bad thing about this is, Mediacorp is owned by SPH Holdings. And SPH’s big daddy happens to be the media-controlling P.A.P (the wonderful and excellente’ governing party!!!).



21 Jun

I know I’m not going to understand women.
I’ll never understand how you can take boiling hot wax,
pour it onto your upper thigh, rip the hair out by the root,
and still be afraid of a spider or a cat……

Man, even Mike Myers of Austin Powers fame has something to say about,…. “Women”


Clip from “And So I Married An Axe Murderer” Movie. 1993

Cat smashed himself to a supermarket window…..

18 Mar

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Category: News and Politics

Cat smashed himself to a supermarket window to steal Whiskas.
Sunday, Oct 8, 2006

20 people were injured when a Tabby cat smashed himself into a glass window of NTUC-Hougang Mall yesterday morning.
The Feline made away with 3 cans of Whiskas and a bar of Tobelrone after knocking down shoppers like a bullet train.

Police suspected this is as a syndicate crime and have warned the public to stay clear of glass windows or display windows and even not to go near shopping malls ever again…
( source: reuters )