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hey doc…

27 Jun

Doctors may say that they are working to make you better. but then they can only make money if they make sure that you stay ill.
so think back, why would they want to make you healthy.

It seems tht if they get rid of illness, they get rid of doctors. and the way to keep the public money rolling in is, quite simply making sick people come back to clinics and hospitals…

First of all in the name of biological research, they will invent the cure for a disease. Then they invent the disease itself and let it loose to go its merry way killing thousands of ppl. Of cos they need millions to try to find a cure even though they know what the cure is…
Thier next step all depends on how much damage the disease is causing but that is of only secondary importance, more vital is how much money they are bringing in.

Dont be surprised when i tell u aids is man made and dont forget swine flu was a biological weapon. Governments has to find a way to decrease populations somehow/

At some stage, they announce that they found the cure. everyone gets very excited but then they say they were wrong and that actually they need further millions of pounds a month to find the real cure.

The money keeps rolling in sand after a few more years, they release a new disease and the whole process is set into motion again. they push it into the main spotlight and quietly cure the first disease. this solves the problem of why there are so many diseases ard at any one time. these big corporations of doctors make billions every month by using innocent victims as prey to thier super plot.

I remembered my clinical trials i did with pfizer, a pharmaceutical giant 4 years back. . I knew i was just a lab rat for them to test thier drugs on, but i needed the money. The place was well stocked, equipped and the nurses seems to be paid well to do thier job. Unlike other participants, i didnt come back for future trials. I may sold out once, but i still have my beliefs and dignity.
Word of advice is if u really want the easiest and shortest way to get a good sum of money, u can try clinical trials. But try those short stint ones . The longer and more hectic stints pay more. But who really wants to do it? I know i wont.


Fluoride – Saviour or Poison?

1 Dec



Why is this country still fluoriding (poisoning) our TAP WATER?

Fluoride works better when we rub it on our TEETH, but not when we drink it.
So why are the world governments still poisoning us?
I happen to read sumwer that all tap water is poisonous.
But then again what are we supposed to drink?
It also said All tap water is loaded with chlorine and chlorine by-products.(yep, we probably know abt that as singaporeans).
The article mentioned Chlorine scars your arteries and, along with hydrogenated oil and homogenized dairy products, causes heart disease. Most tap water also has fluoride, which is one of the most poisonous and disease causing agents you can put in your body.
Fluoride is almost as toxic as Arsenic and has been used as a poison
throughout history.

Crazy huh? i cannot believe it myself when i heard abt this 8 years ago…


— Research from China has shown a correlation between exposure to low doses of fluoride and diminished IQ in children.

— Every country in europe except the UK has banned water flouridation.

— Chlorine has been discovered to lower sperm count

— Liquid flouride is used as RAT POISON

— studies shown boiling tap water may still not remove fluoridation.
(hunt those MLM marketers that sells the best water filtration system??? ?)

Educate n spread.
Do your own research.
Try ‘Fluoride as poison’ in the internet or look ard at the harms of fluoride in YOUTUBE.
im doing this cos i love my facebook frens out there…
for more go to:



Overthrowing the Normal Culture of Agriculture

30 Apr

Food is a ‘language’ spoken in every culture. And i think it’s an important cultural revolution if chemical toxins and environmental harm are radically reduced, if not eliminated from the food that we eat.
And that’s organic food.
SUPERBly expensive, hard to find but really goody good for you…
Organic is not necessarily the most efficient farming system in the short run.
It is slower, harder, more complex and more labor-intensive. But for the sake of culture everywhere, from permaculture to human culture, organic should be celebrated at every table.

Im still learning about organic food and clothing, and all this despite me hating greens and veggies.
Well not all veggies. For one, potatoes and onions are my fav. veggies. Duh?
And peppers, cucmbers, carrots are some of the vegetables i touch too… Well, the fact is, i rarely take leafy vegetables. Well unless im in  a guest’s home or if i havent eaten for Years…
And yes, tofu is still the best there is too.
I tasted organic beancurd once, and it tasted like paper… but well….at least its healthier though…

One things for sure, i think organic farming is form of rebellion. And organic food enthusiasts are actually passive activists in disguise who really want to take care of thier body and also the earth.
So try organic. Its not as big as going vegan, putting off red meat or living in green energy but  its still a worthwhile commitment nontheless. And its a great start too…

World ‘noose’.

11 Jan

Palestine being bombarded by the israeli army is all in the talks rite now… And whenever ppl think about Gaza n Israel ppl will think that its all abt Islam vrs Jews and muslims vrs non-muslims.
But fuck that shit.
Lets talk n put aside religion n faith this time and see it in another way.

C’mon LAH..
Palestine and Israel go a LONG wayyyyy back.
They are like LIVERPOOL and EVERTON.
One is a warmonger and the other a suicidal recruitment centre.
Kanina, tell me how to truce like that..
Its like fighting hot raging fire with raging hot fire.
The bloody thing wont stop, and ppl get killed just like that.

But, as we all know ISRAEL has the upper hand here as always. They have an army, tanks, artillery, technology, commandos, and freaking Fighter Jets.
What do palestine have?

– They dont even have a friggen army.
– They dont have fast internet broadband connection/Fifa Online 2
– And clearly for one, they certainly dont have METRO…..

All they have is a militant group fighting for their country called HAMAS who  Proudly states that they’re fighting in the name of ISLAM, when in reality they know that what they’re fighting for is not for faith, but for Palestine as a country and for fellow humans with rights to live, make love n prosper.
B-a-s-i-c    h-u-m-a-n    r-i-g-h-t-s.
(read that sentence again pls…. )
(……Read orleady… ok, good…)

ISRAEL are cunts yes, but not ALL jews.
Fuck their oppressive state – thier government.
But blame not on all israelis.
Tell the army of Israel  to go and read a book instead.
And can somebody please, – please  inform the Israeli Parliament that Nintendo WII is much much better than Fascism

The Plot Thickens …as we know it

28 Dec

Another Year.
But so what…?


22 Jan


Work, Consume and Die.

5 Jan

Study your ass out in school, grow up, get a job, Work, earn money, get married – with three kids and a wife, get a Flat, pay bills and mortgage, consume, get old, see your grandkids laugh at your dentures, wither and die.
What a way to live your life.

Except that when ur living in Singapore, that would mean a fast-foward version of the words above…. Work-Consume-Die.
Fast-paced Singapura style.
When nothing is for free and where people work thier ass off in zombie jobs just so that they can spend on things they dont really need in the end…….

Man, if only singapore had the welfare system for the jobless or The Dole, ppl like me wouldnt give a hoot abt getting a job. In Western countires, you can even rent a house and live till ur old on welfare money… And im having the feeling that ppl who live on the dole at the other side of the world may be Poorer financially, but Richer in thier experiences in Life.
So let’s pack our bags now, Go to Canada, where the land is fresh Not Humid and where relatives dont ask when ur getting married in family gatherings…

So how many kids are u intend of having?

5-room executive flat? 3-room resale?
A Lexus Car?

And oh, have you sign up for that credit-card lately?
Yes, that plastic thingy that’ll make you work like hell to cover your debts for a long long time to come.

And remember, if you’re 35 and SINGLE and living on your own, you’re an outcast!!!

Are you having a time of your life?
Or has life and it’s norms taken control of you?