Every man woman dog cat hates ironing. Do you love ironing ?

27 Mar


As most men dont do ironing, (cos we are a bunch of lazy wankers),
Most women find the remaining men who do ironing reallllyyyyyyy sexxxxyyyyyy

Meanwhile……, most men find women who can poledance
while ironing at the same time, Super-Sexy……


“…. And i have had my Hour..”

3 Jul

DSC_1270 3

– happy the man –

happy the man, and happy he alone.
he who can call today his own.

he who, secure within, can say :
Tomorrow do thy worst, for i have lived today.

come fair of foul, or rain, or shine,
the joys i have possesed, in spite of fate, are mine.

not heaven itself over the past hath power;
but what has been has been, and i have had my hour.



john dryden

hey doc…

27 Jun

Doctors may say that they are working to make you better. but then they can only make money if they make sure that you stay ill.
so think back, why would they want to make you healthy.

It seems tht if they get rid of illness, they get rid of doctors. and the way to keep the public money rolling in is, quite simply making sick people come back to clinics and hospitals…

First of all in the name of biological research, they will invent the cure for a disease. Then they invent the disease itself and let it loose to go its merry way killing thousands of ppl. Of cos they need millions to try to find a cure even though they know what the cure is…
Thier next step all depends on how much damage the disease is causing but that is of only secondary importance, more vital is how much money they are bringing in.

Dont be surprised when i tell u aids is man made and dont forget swine flu was a biological weapon. Governments has to find a way to decrease populations somehow/

At some stage, they announce that they found the cure. everyone gets very excited but then they say they were wrong and that actually they need further millions of pounds a month to find the real cure.

The money keeps rolling in sand after a few more years, they release a new disease and the whole process is set into motion again. they push it into the main spotlight and quietly cure the first disease. this solves the problem of why there are so many diseases ard at any one time. these big corporations of doctors make billions every month by using innocent victims as prey to thier super plot.

I remembered my clinical trials i did with pfizer, a pharmaceutical giant 4 years back. . I knew i was just a lab rat for them to test thier drugs on, but i needed the money. The place was well stocked, equipped and the nurses seems to be paid well to do thier job. Unlike other participants, i didnt come back for future trials. I may sold out once, but i still have my beliefs and dignity.
Word of advice is if u really want the easiest and shortest way to get a good sum of money, u can try clinical trials. But try those short stint ones . The longer and more hectic stints pay more. But who really wants to do it? I know i wont.

Its how you manage your spending.

12 Mar

So what will it be?
A job with a great environment and friends but with a not so good pay,
A sucky job with a stupid boss and ignorant colleagues But HIGH pay.

For me, i have always choose the former.
Its always not about ur monthly pay that’s important.
Its your Work Environment. Its the way u save.  And spend.
Shit’s no good when you have a 3k monthly paycheck only to end up with $500
after your tasty credit card bills, explosive phone plans, your black drift car,  and
impressing your friends and hot dates with lavish buys and gadgets every month.

For all others, stop buying stuff you wont need in 2 weeks time… !!!

happy birthday, Fool !

23 Aug

A lot of my mates  wanted to know what i did on my birthday…

I took a phrase from Children of Men movie and i said,
“Same as every other day, woke up, …felt like shit, went to work,.. felt like shit.”


Grazed Anatomy

27 Apr


And so, your team is trailing 2-1 in the sunday football league, and you happen to get the ball at your feet in the last few minutes of the game.
You dribbled past one. WOW.
And then u take off past two more. Double WOW.
Syko Mizan was running on the right alongside providing support. Naaaah.
I was on Gung-Ho.
And i was snaking nearer n nearer to goal – due to obvious good luck no doubt.

I can do this.
Just one more n the buncit telletubby keeper…
The team deserves a draw. And. we had to.

I prepared to strike.
Easey peasey this…
But wait, what’s this? A foot stuck out of nowhere suddenly>
Free fall came next.
Yes i can almost see it now.


I landed on my ‘merchandise’.
On a great looking sandy patch>
It was course.
And we lost.


I got owned by ‘Sandy


Getting Owned by Sandy...

Getting Owned by Sandy...

Dancing with Winona

27 Feb

Winona Ryder 1st became an impression to me when i was just a Ninja-Turtle loving dude at 9 years old. Back in the early 90’s, i started to see Edward Scissorhands Posters plasted on video rental shops n such.  1992 came and i remembered going over the movies section of the daily newspaper when i saw “thrilling” ads of Bram Stoker’s DRACULA, feat Winona…  Rated R(A), i almost instantly knew it was one movie that i had to see – when i was OLD enough!
Incidentally ard the same time that year, i came across the full-blown movie poster at the old Yishun 10 during a school excursion to see FERN GULLY the movie… Childhood Radness.///

When S.B.C finally screened Edward Scissorhands on TV in 1994, i soon discovered a whole new realm. From the suave Johnny Depp who was playng the awesomely kool character, the visual fantasy of the movie, Tim Burton and finally getting to see Winona in the flesh for a whole 90 mins…Here i was, a minor in primary school and already sporting a crush with some ‘kakak‘ who’s 10 years older. Fast forward to 1997, and i had already seen about 6 more ‘Winona’ movies – from TV to (stolen) tapes.

Now, back then there wasnt wikipedia or IMDB.com to check up on all your fav. babe’s movies, so i did what i could do to do research. From Library books, stolen mags (agn), newspapers and even propaganda TV, i looked for clues on her past and future movies. In the mid 90’s, you could go to community libraries and watch any free movies on thier video catalouge. So every free weekend when me and my friends were watching movies at those solitary booths, i would be watching BEETLEJUICE, DRACULA and SCISSORHANDS week in week out… All you needed to have back then was a library card…

She Can steal my shirts ANYTIME!

So from goth characters to feminist roles to alien-fighting kick ass babe, winona did it all on screen. And yeah, her pixie look and Bob hairdos never fails to make me fall in love with her again and again …
Edward Scissorhands probably gave me a first insightful of what Surrealism was. And Tim Burton,whoah what can i say, even with that wild hair that looked like it was ravaged by a pack of crazy mad dogs, he earns my respect for putting out movies that the “undergrounders” and the “artsy” circles swear by.
The House of the Spirits (1993), a magical-realist movie she starred abt the social revolution in Chile further convinced me that she’s one off-beat chick who’s willing to act in less no-brainer blockbuster movies and more on literary works and cult adaptations…
Now,…most of you out there might already be thinkin, ‘What’s the fuss about this outdated Winona person…’

Well, other than being different and no modern actresses that can ever emulate her, she’s also kool cos she’s a liberated shoplifter, listens to The Clash and adore New wave/Alternative music.
Totally W.I.N.O.N.A.

P/S: check out this webby:
A good source of WINONA !