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Lio Comics

25 Sep

Im in awe of this comic-strip lately. LIO by Mark Tatulli is a cool, wicked cartoon done with a quirky taste, and i found out abt it recently while filpping in the comic section of the local weekend newspaper SUNDAY PLUS.

Now, i look anticipately for Lio’s comics every sunday to provide sum wicked laughs.
Tim Burton would recommend this.///
Just imagine Dennis The Menace. But with a bizarre twist.

“Reminiscent of Charles Addams’ strange universe is Lio and his dark and humorous cartoons. Creator Mark Tatulli (Heart of the City) has recently sealed a deal for a live-action feature movie based on Lio.
This comic is dark, features no dialogue-only pictures and follows the “darkly detailed world of young Lio and his bizarre creature co-stars.”
(bermuda times)