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World ‘noose’.

11 Jan

Palestine being bombarded by the israeli army is all in the talks rite now… And whenever ppl think about Gaza n Israel ppl will think that its all abt Islam vrs Jews and muslims vrs non-muslims.
But fuck that shit.
Lets talk n put aside religion n faith this time and see it in another way.

C’mon LAH..
Palestine and Israel go a LONG wayyyyy back.
They are like LIVERPOOL and EVERTON.
One is a warmonger and the other a suicidal recruitment centre.
Kanina, tell me how to truce like that..
Its like fighting hot raging fire with raging hot fire.
The bloody thing wont stop, and ppl get killed just like that.

But, as we all know ISRAEL has the upper hand here as always. They have an army, tanks, artillery, technology, commandos, and freaking Fighter Jets.
What do palestine have?

– They dont even have a friggen army.
– They dont have fast internet broadband connection/Fifa Online 2
– And clearly for one, they certainly dont have METRO…..

All they have is a militant group fighting for their country called HAMAS who  Proudly states that they’re fighting in the name of ISLAM, when in reality they know that what they’re fighting for is not for faith, but for Palestine as a country and for fellow humans with rights to live, make love n prosper.
B-a-s-i-c    h-u-m-a-n    r-i-g-h-t-s.
(read that sentence again pls…. )
(……Read orleady… ok, good…)

ISRAEL are cunts yes, but not ALL jews.
Fuck their oppressive state – thier government.
But blame not on all israelis.
Tell the army of Israel  to go and read a book instead.
And can somebody please, – please  inform the Israeli Parliament that Nintendo WII is much much better than Fascism